Why do we still need online gambling?


With the passage of the Online Gambling Control Act, online gambling will no longer be regulated in Indiana.

This bill, which was signed into law by Governor Eric Holcomb on April 25, will allow the online gambling industry to operate in Indiana, and make it legal for people to use gambling machines.

The bill has been praised by some in the gambling industry as an important step toward more widespread regulation, and critics have criticized the bill as overly broad.

While the bill has sparked some debate over whether or not it will truly be a crackdown on online gambling in Indiana — and whether or to even define the term as such — most experts agree that the passage is a positive step for the state and the industry.

“We were very pleased with the passage in the House, and we are confident that the Governor is very supportive of the bill,” said Matt Johnson, CEO of The Gaming Coalition, an Indiana group that supports gambling regulation.

“We think it is going to have a positive impact in terms of getting the industry back on track, and it will allow us to have more clarity on the definition of the term online gambling and what’s the definition as a gambling machine.

We think that’s important for consumers, and that’s a good thing.”

Johnson said that while he’s not entirely sure what the new law will mean for the online gaming industry in Indiana at the moment, he does think that it will be beneficial for the industry in the long run.

“Indiana is one of the states that have not had a lot of innovation in the gaming industry,” he said.

“There have been some changes that have been made, but we are not seeing the same level of innovation that we did a few years ago.

We are definitely going to see a lot more innovation in Indiana going forward, so we’re certainly happy to see it pass.”

The Gaming Coalition says it is hopeful that the new bill will be approved by the Indiana General Assembly in the near future.

Johnson said that he hopes to see the bill pass as soon as possible.

“The gaming industry is extremely optimistic about this bill passing, and I’m hopeful that it can be passed as soon the Assembly is able to do its job and work on some kind of regulatory framework,” he added.

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