Trump is looking for ‘good people’ to fill key cabinet positions


The New York Times reports that President Donald Trump has reached out to several potential Cabinet picks, seeking “good people” to fill the key cabinet roles, including secretary of transportation, energy, and commerce.

Trump has already named one of his most high-profile picks, Ohio Governor John Kasich, as transportation secretary, who is the son of former President John Kasich.

Trump also has nominated Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general, a post that he previously tapped former U.S. Senator Luther Strange as a possible replacement.

The president has also nominated former Alaska Gov.

Sarah Palin to be attorney general.

She previously served as vice president of public policy and was confirmed by the Senate to that post.

Palin has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s policies, calling him “dangerous” in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

She has also been vocal in her criticism of Trump, calling his administration “a nightmare.”