‘This is a very special show’: ‘This Is a Very Special Show’ host John Gamble reflects on his life in the spotlight


It’s hard to overstate how much John Gamble has influenced and inspired generations of journalists and television personalities.

From his time as the “King of British TV” and later on as “King Of Sports,” the man who gave the world the modern day NFL and the NBA has always been an icon in the industry.

In a rare interview with Esquire magazine, Gamble recalled how he began his career as a radio and TV personality when he was just 17 years old.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” Gamble told Esquire.

“I don’t think I have ever experienced the level of fame that I’ve had in the last three years.

It’s been extraordinary.”

As a radio host in the early 1980s, Gamble started to receive offers from television networks.

He also began to get his first taste of the mainstream.

“I had to get out of school,” Gamble said.

“There was a bit of an economic crisis, so I was on the telly for a couple of years and I’d never been in a television studio before.”

The radio career was so unusual that it seemed like an impossible dream.

“It was really, really unusual.

It wasn’t something that you had been trained for,” Gamble recalled.

“You were trained to do a lot of interviews and things that were scripted and you would never have been able to do.”

“I think you need to be in the game to do it, and I think that’s why I’ve always loved the game of broadcasting.

It was so different,” Gamble added.

“Because you would be working in the middle of the night, you were really in the dark.

You were sitting in a room with a big TV in front of you.

And you were sitting there for days.”

It wasn’t until he was working in Hollywood, where he had the opportunity to do some work on films like “The Wild Bunch,” that Gamble realized that he was in the business for the right reasons.

He continued to work as a broadcaster for over 30 years, but it was at Esquire’s “Rise” event last year that he finally realized the value of the career he had chosen.

“This is the best show that I have been on,” Gamble confessed.

“This is what I love doing, so it’s a privilege to do what I do.”

A special show about John Gamble, Esquire: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Radio HostJohn Gamble (Photo: Esquire)Gamble’s life story is an amazing one.

He was born in 1967 in London, England, and raised in the south-east of England.

Growing up in the area was a lot like living in a city in the United States: he would often drive into London on his way to school.

“There were a lot more black people in London than there were people in New York,” Gamble explained.

“The streets were lined with people who were selling things on their way to work.

The roads were full of people who would walk in, and they were selling.

And the same people who walked in, they would buy.”

Gamble began to notice that the environment was different.

“In New York you get it all the time.

You get to see the world and everything, and in London it’s very different,” he said.

Gamble started to make his own television, starting off with a show called “The Game” for BBC radio.

The show was very successful, and he became the first black person to work on the show.

“And I was so excited, because I was just so much more comfortable working in this space than I was working for a big broadcast station,” Gamble noted.

But the shows success didn’t last forever.

“One day, I got a call from the BBC saying they had something they were interested in,” Gamble recounted.

“So I went to London, and there was a meeting with the BBC.

They asked me what I was interested in, so they called me in and I was there for about a week.”

The BBC was impressed with Gamble’s talents, but he had to go through the process of auditioning to get on the air.

“As I got more and more familiar with the show, I began to have more and better ideas,” Gamble wrote.

“But then I began thinking, this is a show that needs to be on, and this is what this show is.”

Gambit got the chance to work with a different cast each time he was on “The Edge.”

“I was in London at the time, and the first day I was with the cast, I walked into the studio and I thought, this isn’t what I’m used to,” Gamble continued.

“They were like, ‘What’s going on here?’

And I was like, well, I think I’ve got this show.’

They said, ‘Oh, we just heard you

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