Poker Online Gambling ‘No Legitimacy’ on Online Gains


A new gambling site, Poker Online, has announced it is shutting down for good, and it will not be able to operate in the UK.

The online poker company, which was set up in 2013 by two former employees of British poker star Gary Sinise, said in a statement it has been shut down “for the foreseeable future” and it is “no longer a viable business model”.

“We have made mistakes along the way, and while the past is certainly behind us, we are no longer in business,” Poker Online said in the statement.

The poker site was shut down in September for failing to pay a £10,000 licence fee.

It also had been operating under a different name, but the operator of the site has not been named.

In its statement, Poker Players UK said: “We understand that the closure of Poker Online is a sad day for Poker Players and our members, who we are confident will continue to play and experience great gaming on our site.”

The site is part of the PokerStars group, which also operates online poker sites like PokerStars Poker, PokerStars UK and PokerStars International.

The closure of the UK’s largest online poker site is not a complete shock, given that the gaming industry in the country is dominated by the online poker giant.

In January, UK-based online gambling giant PokerStars closed its UK branch.