‘I can’t believe this is happening’: A gambler in Florida faces the death penalty for buying the winning hand


A gambier in Florida was convicted Thursday of using the power of his lottery winnings to get a Florida man to give him $2,000 to buy him a new car.

Michael D. Mabry, 58, was found guilty by a jury in Polk County.

He was sentenced to death by lethal injection at the State Penitentiary in Pensacola, Florida.

The jury deliberated for more than two hours before finding Maby guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit robbery with the intent to commit theft.

He had been charged with two other counts, one for his role in the robbery and the other for taking the money and moving it to the victim’s car.

In the end, the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict.

In the end the jury chose Mabs verdict on the conspiracy count.

The jury heard that he had sold $600 worth of lottery tickets in Florida in July 2011 to buy a car.

Mabry told the jury that he didn’t know the victim was a car dealer or had been offered money.

He said he never told him to buy the car.

After the jury took the verdict, the judge gave the death sentence to Mabries sentencing.

He will be executed at the Florida State Penocmentaliary in the state capital.

The Florida Department of Corrections released the following statement on the verdict: “We applaud the jury’s decision and look forward to the next steps in the case.

We have not yet determined the exact sentencing that will occur.””

The jury did not reach the verdict that the judge asked for.

It was the unanimous verdict, not the decision of a single juror,” said Jeff Smith, the deputy director of the Department of Correction.”

The defendant, Michael Mabrys, will not have a chance to appeal his conviction.

He’s already spent more than 50 years behind bars for this crime.

The sentence will be the result of the judge’s discretion,” he said.”

We are proud that the Department will continue to support the Florida Department as they carry out their investigation of this case.

As we move forward with the investigation, we’ll keep you informed,” Smith added.