How to win a $150,000 gambling trip from New Zealand to Australia


You can win a trip to New Zealand and a $1,000 deposit from Australia on the same day by spending $150k in cash, a new report has revealed.

The bookmakers have released the report, “Best Bets on New Zealand: A Guide for the New Zealand Gamblers” for their customers, which outlines how to win $1m in cash at the opening of their new casino.

You’ll need to make $1.6m from playing the game, with an average win of $2.2m, with the average prize being a $300,000 house win.

The new casino will open in 2019, with plans for a further $200m in gambling activity.

The average amount you need to bet on the New Zealand casino is $1 and it has an average deposit of $1 million.

“There is no doubt that the Kiwi gamble has always been one of the top options for New Zealanders and we’re happy to see it being given a new life and new challenges,” the report states.

The New Zealand casino has faced criticism for its gambling policies, with a report last year finding that its new owners have “put too much pressure on players to gamble on the game and to have the opportunity to win large amounts of money”.

The gambling industry is also concerned about the potential of the game’s expansion into the United States, with critics saying the games gambling policies make it difficult for players to enjoy the thrill of a casino game.

However, a recent survey found that 70 per cent of people in New Zealand “believe gambling is a worthwhile activity”.

A spokesperson for the gaming industry said the industry was “confident that New Zealand is an attractive destination for gamblers”.

“Our gambling policies are designed to make the game accessible to everyone,” they added.

“We have recently made improvements to our gaming experience, such as enhanced video content and enhanced mobile apps.”

The gambling experts also noted that “no matter where you are in New Zeland, you can enjoy a fantastic selection of gaming options”, adding that New Zellers is “a top-notch location for the game”.

The casino’s casino-themed menu will be available at the start of 2019, along with a variety of new drinks, snacks and entertainment.

The menu will include $2 mai tai, $3 sushi and $5 beers, along to $2 cocktails.

The report also outlines the most common gambles on offer, with $2m worth of poker chips on offer in 2018.

A total of 11,000 slot machines will be installed in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Massachusetts.

The game will be the only casino in the US to be installed with an indoor betting facility, with “over 10,000 gaming tables” to be opened.

There will also be a bar at the casino, which is expected to have a bar and a large food court.

The Casino Australia’s new casino is expected by the end of 2019.

“Our New Zealand gaming experience has been the most exciting in the industry since our first New Zealand-themed casino opened in 2002,” casino director of business development, Scott Pendergast, said in a statement.

“With the latest innovations, we’ve brought New Zealand casinos to the next level and now have more than 20,000 square feet of space to serve New Zealand gamblers.”

The game’s launch is a welcome boost for the industry, with Australian and New Zealand officials keen to promote the new location and build a strong presence in the United Kingdom.

“New Zealand’s casino industry has grown in the last decade and is expected continue to grow further,” casino industry minister Steven Ciobo said.

“This will be a great platform to continue to attract and attract more gamblers from across the globe.”

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