How to get a casino license in Tennessee – Recode


The new law allows casino operators to keep their licenses even if they don’t have a gaming license in their state, allowing them to operate their gaming venues across the state without having to obtain a license from the state.

The new law also allows casinos to open up new slots within their existing locations, and allows them to offer a “closed circuit” gambling option, where only patrons are allowed to enter their casino.

Casinos can open new slots, too, if they have the proper permits.

But, like other states, Tennessee has a loophole that allows for gambling in areas that are open to the public.

That means there’s no way for people to find out if their local casino is open to people who don’t live in the state, and can even open slots in areas with no permits.

The bill passed by the Tennessee House passed the Senate last week with a bipartisan vote.

The Tennessee Gaming Commission will review the legislation this summer.

If it approves it, it could take effect in December.