How to bet on the NRL’s 2018 finals series in our NRL betting guide


It’s been a long time since a football match has been played in Sydney and the game’s popularity is soaring again, but who can forget the famous Sydney Thunderbirds’ golden years?

With the new NRL finals series set to start in 2018, betting on the game has a new, and unique, twist.

The Thunderbirds played in the grand final of the 1960s, 1962 and 1964, and were the first AFL club to win a premiership.

In a move that was only ever possible in the early 1990s, the AFL Players’ Association (AFLPA) has been lobbying the NRL to change the NRL by 2021, and will be asking the NRL for a change in the competition’s rules to allow betting on premiers.

The NRL is yet to respond to the petition, but has said it would consider all of the arguments.

“The AFLPA has made representations to the NRL about how to proceed, including whether or not to change current AFL rules governing the number of bets per game,” a statement read.

“The NRL will consider all the submissions in due course and will consider any suggestions made by the AFLPA in any future correspondence.”

So, who can bet on this year’s finals?

The odds for the 2018 premiership are pretty decent, and betting on it is even better.

With seven NRL premiers already set to take on the Eagles, Storm, Bulldogs, Warriors, Rabbitohs, Raiders and Titans, you can bet up to $1,000 on every game.

The only real worry is the Bulldogs and Raiders, who are both going into their own Finals series.

However, the big dogs have a decent chance of getting a second chance, and there are a few who have a strong shot at the grand prize.

There’s a lot of wagering at the Bulldogs’ premiership odds, but there are some who are betting on both the Bulldogs, and the Titans.

One of those is the long-time Sydney Eagles player, Nathan Peats, who is known to be a big bettor.

He’s put his money into both teams, and it’s possible he could be the first to bet $1 million on the Bulldogs.

If the Bulldogs win the premiership, Peats could win $2 million, while his rival, Corey Norman, could pick up another $1.5 million.

But the odds for a comeback win for the Titans are even better, with the NRL hoping to get another two games from them.

And while it’s a long shot, there are plenty of NRL fans who want to see the Titans take a shot at a premiers’ final.

If you’re a betting enthusiast, you may have a shot of winning some big money.

But don’t expect any big cash, because you can only win if you can win.

There are plenty more NRL betting opportunities, but you need to get the best odds, and these are the best bets you can get.

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