How a new gambling casino could change Australian gambling industry


FourFour2 This week FourFour two looks at a potential casino project in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton.

Key points:A group of local businessmen have launched a website to sell gambling technology to local governments to help them fund their infrastructure projectsThe group is backed by a major gambling companyA $1 billion project would see gambling machines and other technology installed in hotels, schools and residential areasA group including members of the Carlton Council, a local government, has launched a new website to raise money for infrastructure projects.

It is aimed at boosting the local economy and attracting investment to the area, and aims to create 10 jobs.

A $500 million casino project has been suggested by local businessman Nick Smith, who says he is interested in the potential to sell gaming technology to help local governments fund their investment in infrastructure projects, and to help improve the community around the casino.

“It is about building up a community, it is about giving people the chance to live and work here, so they can enjoy the things we all love to do here,” Mr Smith said.

“I am very interested in it because it would really improve the quality of life in the area and the quality and quantity of life of our residents.”

Mr Smith said the group wanted to create jobs in a community that had been left behind by other development, and that they had also received support from the Victorian Government.

“We have had a lot of people say that the casino is going to be good for Carlton, they will come back here and we are going to attract a lot more people to the city and the suburbs,” he said.

The group has raised a $500,000 fund from the Carlton City Council for the project, which is due to begin construction in the next few months.

“In order to get to that stage we need to have the funding to get it off the ground,” he told FourFour Two.

“The project is a good investment for Carlton.”

But I think the main thing is we need some of the community’s money for that project, to fund that, and then to get the technology going.

“Then we can get on with things, we can start building the infrastructure.”‘

A huge amount of money is at stake’Mr Smith has been contacted by the Carlton Local Government Association, which has supported the project.

“What we want to do is make sure the casino project doesn’t go to waste,” it said.

“We want to make sure that the community is not left behind.”‘

We are working with Carlton Council to find the right person’The group said they have already raised $500 to $1 million, and would like to secure funding for other projects.

“That’s a huge amount in the local community and that’s a good project for us,” Mr James said.’

We want a community to come together’A local council spokesman said they had supported the Carlton County Council’s plan for a casino, but said it was important for them to “understand the economic benefits that would come from this”.

“Carlton is a community of strong people and they have the capacity to be a very successful city,” he added.

“This is an opportunity for us to have a strong community around this project, and we have to ensure that we have a community behind it.”‘

This is a massive opportunity’Mr James said the Carlton Casino is a “big opportunity” for the area.

“To have a casino that can be a great part of the local and regional economy is a huge opportunity, and it would be very exciting to have that here in Carlton,” he explained.

“If we can bring the community together, we are really excited about that.”‘

They don’t understand gambling’Mr Janson said he was “a bit of a little bit bit sceptical” of the project’s economic benefits, and believed there was “an underlying assumption that they don’t really understand gambling”.

“I think they don�t understand the social benefit that a casino brings to the community,” he advised.

“You can get a lot out of it, but they donít understand that it�s a gamble, they don`t understand what it’s like to gamble, and they don’t understand how the casino works.”‘

You can�t get caught’Mr Jones said the project would also create jobs.

“When you are talking about casino gaming in this city, you can�d never get caught.

You can get caught in a casino and you can get fined a lot, but if you get caught, you don�s get caught and that�s it,” he continued.”

There is no real harm in gambling, but you can never get the same kind of social benefit from it as you would from gambling.”‘

I believe it is the only solution’The Carlton Casino has been touted by a local developer as a major development that would help boost the local gaming industry, and could also generate up to 10 jobs in the city.

“These jobs will be