Gambling site gets hacked


An online gambling site is being hacked in an apparent cyberattack., a gambling website that also offers poker and blackjack, announced the hack at 9:15am ET, according to the Verge.

The website was attacked on Monday, according a blog post by the site’s CEO, Josh Stein.

The site is currently offline, but the hacker is still at large.

The Verge says the hacker appears to have used the domain name gambles .com to launch the attack.

The blog post does not say how the hacker gained access to the site or how much money was stolen.

The article notes that the site has not released any additional information about the hack.

The hack is not the first time a domain name has been hacked.

In September, the site was hacked, too.

In that case, hackers took over the domain names gambles and gamblesbakery, according the Verge, and then made off with millions of dollars in money.