Casino gambling site to shut down amid investigation


It’s the end of an era for an online gambling site that saw thousands of Americans lose millions of dollars over a year.

Now that the company has filed for bankruptcy, Gamblers United announced that it would shut down the gambling platform that it once had hundreds of millions of users.

GamblersUnited said it has been unable to find a suitable replacement for the website and it will cease operations and shut down.

“The company was not able to secure a new hosting provider or a suitable solution for its gambling operations and is considering all options, including bankruptcy,” Gamblers Union said in a statement.

Gamblers United was one of several major websites that lost millions of pounds in losses linked to the collapse of gaming industry gambling site Betfair in November.

The company had been valued at around $4 billion at the time.

It had amassed millions of visitors in the months after Betfair went bust and now appears to be shut down for good.

Gambers United had been one of the few remaining gambling sites that allowed Americans to gamble online, with thousands of customers still able to gamble at the site in the weeks after Betday’s closure.

Its closure comes after a new US federal investigation into the gambling industry revealed widespread and systemic failures that contributed to losses for tens of millions, if not hundreds of thousands, of American consumers.

“It is unfortunate that we have had to make the difficult decision to close GamblersU, but the time is right for us to move on and start afresh,” the company said in the statement.

It also said that it will be shutting down the company’s gambling site and will be working with the federal government to develop a new solution for gambling customers.

The government has already begun investigations into the site’s operations and has taken action to seize the assets of the company.